2001 Hallmark Dodge
2002 Vanderbilt University Athletic Fields
2003 Kraft CPA
2004 AmSouth 6th Floor
2004 Drivers Way
2005 Parkway Commons
2005 Vanderbilt Studio Arts
2006 Coldwell Baker Barnes

"We have been very impressed with the level of service Knestrick has provided. They are professional, very accessible and have done an outstanding job for our organization."
Dan Staudt, Vice President, COI Foodservice 

"In addition to expert craftsmanship and fine technical expertise, we especially remember the cheerful responses to our questions and the genuine interest to satisfy our needs." 
Morris Early, Vice President, Belmont University

"With a project this size, a number of challenges have to be anticipated, and I credit the Knestrick team, working closely with ours, with handling these challenges fairly and efficiently. Even with the tight project schedule, Knestrick effectively coordinated the subcontractors and delivered a quality project."
Keith Loiseau, AIA, project manager, Vanderbilt Athletic Fields

"In my experiences with numerous contractors over the years, both large and small, none have exceeded the professionalism, integrity, attention to detail and teamwork shown by Hubert Mitchell and his Knestrick support team. Knestrick got the job done on time and within budget."
Lou Alvarez, Highland Park Church Building Chairman and General Electric Company retiree

"Retail construction requires close attention to detail due to different demands of the many tenants involved in a single project. Knestrick has provided us with a level of expertise and focus necessary to successfully handle such jobs. They have put together a very good management team from top to bottom." 
Phil Warren, President, Warren Commercial Real Estate, Inc. 

"Hospitals have tight requirements when it comes to general safety issues. Knestrick maintains the necessary conditions that we demand from a construction company." 
John Geppi, CFO, Memorial Hospital

"We received extraordinary value for every dollar we spent with Knestrick. The Knestrick team displayed uncanny leadership and continually got the job done ahead of schedule and with minimum confusion. Knestrick's professionalism is unparalleled." 
John G. Zierdt, Jr., Brig General (USA Ret.) and President and CEO, Transcor

"My mission is to create value in commercial real estate. Knestrick has been a vital team member in carrying out my mission. They have been involved in the entire development process from project conception, design development, project budgeting through to the final completion. They respond to my needs by meeting my clients' timetable and deliver a quality building."
Mark Gaw, Mission Property Company, LLC


  • Surpass expectations for excellence and customer satisfaction
  • Continue providing value for the customer
  • Inspire new ideas
  • Foster growth through customer referrals